Welcome to 21CESchool


As an organization determined to redirect the educational standard of our community and country towards the 21st century standard, We in 21ceschool are committed in adopting and implementing a scalable and blended educational service approach that includes innovation, ethics, focusing on building transferable skills needed for the future in line with UN sustainable development goals numbers 1,4,5,8 and 10.

1-No poverty,
4-Quality Education,
5-Gender equality,
8-Decent work and economic growth,
10-Reduced inequality

F.M.I Resources using brand name 21stceschool.com is a for profit tech education company that provides online and blended education programs designed as an alternative to the traditional “brick and mortar” education.

As uncertainty and complexity increase throughout all aspects of our lives, educators and students are continually burdened with confusion; with doubt; and with fear.

21ceschool is leading the way to provide more effective ways to learn — focusing on building transferable skills and confidence in the learners

Our Mission


Help learners of all ages reach their full potential through inspired teaching and personalized learning. focusing on building the skills and confidence learners need to make their way forward in life.



We want to radically Shape the future of education and learning for the students to gain knowledge and skills which may be used for the future through teaching, research and training.

Our Visions


A world in which anyone can create their future
To make Learning a journey in which, the curriculum followed relates to what the learners see and do in class allowing the learners connect, between ideas, concepts and their applications to the real world of work and business.