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From Classroom to Career: Bridging Education with Real-world Skills

As an organization determined to redirect the educational standard of our community and country towards the 21st century standard, We in 21ceschool are committed in adopting and implementing a scalable and blended educational service approach that includes innovation, ethics, focusing on building transferable skills needed for the future

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Guided Coaching programs for Educational & Career Success


Assessment & Career/Education Readiness Consultancy

We provide tailored guidance and assessments, empowering individuals to navigate educational and career choices confidently. Discover your strengths, explore diverse opportunities, and receive expert advice to shape your academic and professional journey towards success.

general learning

Educational Resources

Unlock a wealth of educational resources designed to enhance learning experiences. Our curated collection includes interactive tools, learning materials, and insightful content across various subjects and levels. Access resources that inspire, educate, and support diverse learning styles.


Tech and Skill Acquisition Advisers

Empowering individuals with the skills of tomorrow, our Tech and Skill Acquisition Advisers offer guidance on the latest industry trends and skill demands. Get personalized advice on acquiring technical skills vital for thriving in today’s rapidly evolving technological landscape.


Scholarship Placement Consultancy Services

Realize your academic dreams with our Scholarship Placement Consultancy Services. Our expert guidance navigates you through scholarship opportunities, providing personalized support to increase your chances of securing scholarships aligned with your goals and aspirations.

Entrepreneurship & Engagement/Employment Services

Embark on your entrepreneurial journey or enhance your employment prospects with our tailored services. From fostering entrepreneurial mindsets to connecting individuals with employment opportunities, our services aim to empower and support your career aspirations.

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Tutoring and Test Center Services

Boost academic performance and test readiness through our comprehensive Tutoring and Test Center Services. Receive personalized tutoring from certified instructors and access a state-of-the-art test center equipped to help you excel in your educational pursuits.

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Career Counseling

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